For over eighteen years, Kevin Carr and Atlas Merchandise have supplied high-quality personalized promotional products to help our wide range of clients with their varied needs, such as consumer marketing, film promotion, press junkets, corporate incentive programs, or company gifts. We are a full service merchandising company, handling every aspect of fulfillment including product design. We utilize manufacturing and shipping contacts all around the world depending on our clients’ cost and calendar requirements.

Among our clients are entertainment, manufacturing, sports, travel, hospitality and non-profit companies as varied as Sony Pictures and BMW, the Los Angeles Lakers and Telefora, Boeing and Stand Up To Cancer, and dozens more. We would love the opportunity to add your company’s name to the list.

Besides shirts, jackets, bags, hats, towels, and all the other items commonly personalized with corporate and event logos, we have experience in manufacturing unique items to your order, including customized make-up, and hair and skin products for your hotel and spa.

For examples of products we have created for our clients, please take a moment to view our projects pages or simply contact us for more information.

Our services begin with product design and we can quickly show you virtual samples of possible products with your corporate logo on your own dedicated space on our website.  We’ve found that this helps in the dialogue with our clients, letting everyone see the product and adjust color, design, and style before manufacturing.

In addition to the design, our clients expect quality and we have many product samples to share so you can see and feel exactly what you will be receiving. Depending on our clients’ needs, we have access to the finest quality leather, cashmere, silver, crystal, and other luxury materials, as well as green, sustainable, and fair trade merchandise. We routinely visit the factories we use, at home and abroad, so we can monitor the conditions of the workers with our own eyes.

Please explore our web site and discover what we can do for you!


Brookyn-born Kevin Carr, Atlas Merchandise’s President and CEO, started his first business at the age of 17. Renting a cart, Kevin sold fresh flowers to mall shoppers, building up his business acumen and honing his customer service skills. Within two years, Kevin owned several carts and was employing others to run them, all while going to college full time. Kevin graduated from St. John’s University with a dual major in Political Science and English and a minor in Business.

After graduation and several successful business ventures in New York, Kevin’s entrepreneurial spirit and his love of travel led him to live and work overseas. For over four years, Kevin supervised manufacturing in India and the Middle East for many large US brands, including Wrangler.

Returning to the States with considerable manufacturing expertise and close contacts from around the globe, Kevin became the sales rep for a Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer that specialized in custom jackets for promotional and retail clients. Recognizing that jackets are only a part of the much larger promotional products industry, Kevin expanded that company’s offerings to include other items. When the company’s owner decided to retire and close shop, Kevin continued working with the many regular clients he gained over the years.

In 2005, Kevin founded Atlas Merchandise. Working closely with manufacturers both domestic and abroad, Kevin continues to provide products for promotion and/or retail to clients large and small. Kevin still travels for business (visiting factories, meeting clients and attending trade shows in Asia, Europe and elsewhere), but modern advances in communication technology make it even easier for him to stay in contact with his clients. 

Contact Kevin at kevin@atlasmerchandise.com.

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