PROJECT: Lobby Merchandise Kiosk

Atlas Merchandise can make you pretty much anything you want to put your logo on and sometimes we are asked to make everything you want to put your logo on. We like being a one-stop shop for merchandise — it helps ensure a consistent look and quality across your products and you don’t have to chase down a different vendor for every item.

After creating merchandise for many different Broadway and touring productions, we mocked up this kiosk for a play based on the movie Sideways. There was no specific mission brief and practically no assets to work with so we did our research, brainstormed and came up with the kiosk you see below.

If you’re not sure what you need, let us help you figure it out and then mock it up so you have a clear vision of the final product(s).

Merch Kiosk-BEFORE

A photo of the merch kiosk being used at the theatre for another production

Merch Kiosk-MOCKUP

This is our mockup of the merch kiosk for a new production complete with product mockups